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Welcome to glam_itest! An icontest where a series of photos from a photoshoot or an editorial will be posted each week for icon makers to make icons from. The communitiy memebers will then vote, and wins will be annonced. Sound interesting? Then continue reading and don't hesitate to join.


{For image themes only the provided picures from each week may be used to create icon. Any icons that are not from the given shoot will be disqualified and the creator will be warned.
{During word themes you must somehow convey your icon to fit the given theme. If you have any questions as to whether your icon fits the given theme, contact a moderator. You may use any model photography to convey this theme.
{You are allowed to submit two icons per contest.
{You must be a member to submit.
{Icons must fit LJ standards. (100x100, 40KB)
{You may not post your icon anywhere until winners are announced.
{Do not take icons from voting posts.
{On your second warning, you will be banned.
{Serious failure to follow these rules will get you banned immediately.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Each Monday, a new series of photos, or a theme will go up, you have until Friday Evening to submit your icons in. It is always best to submit early and not wait for the last minute. Submit by commenting to the screened weekly submission post with your icon in the following format:

Submission Syle:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Comments/Questions: {None}

[icon url]
[any comments/things I should know]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Voting will be held from Friday evening to Sunday Evening/Monday Morning. It may be by screened comment voting of poll voting. Vote only for the icons you think are the best, not just because you think you may know who made them.

Voting Rules:
{Do not vote for yourself. This includes other journals. IP addresses are logged.
{Do not rally your friends to vote for you.
{Only vote for the amount asked for each week. No more, no less.

There may occasionally be a special catogory, depending on how many entries we get that week.

Mod: ladybubblegum
Co-Mod: None yet. Maybe eventually.

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